Frame from: Birds of Paradise   

Birds of Paradise | 2003

Birds of Paradise alludes to the parallelisms between women and birds that have come from art and literature. Frequently, in Western mythology, emancipated women and those opposed to the patriarchal order were given some birdlike features. This is a theme I have previously tackled in the video La pájara (2002) and which I continue in this one, creating a documentary that humorously analyses the image of the vamp, those birds who terrified some intellectuals and artists during the last half of the XIX century, when the first feminist movements appeared and prostitution proliferated. It is a tribute to all those Liliths, mermaids, harpies, ‘lamias’ (female vampires from Basque mythology) and other beautiful bloodsuckers with their free sexuality, which a century and a half later seem condemned to carry on preening their feathers.

Birds of Paradise tiene en apariencia el carácter de un documental sobre el aspecto específico del canto de los pájaros. En el vídeo se utilizan las convenciones narrativas de este género en lo que a construcción y contenidos se refiere, pero las imágenes que ilustran el relato son parodias en las que distintas mujeres emulan el trinar de los pájaros en apartados como el cortejo, el habitat o la defensa territorial.» Leer más

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