Photograph of Velasco in which we can appreciate the state of the oaks on which the apparitions took place after the devotees had passed through.

In Aritza the ordinary legal procedure is performed to guarantee that the oaks shown are the ‘legitimate children’ of the ones where the apparitions took place, and the origin of the seeds is endorsed by a certificate. Completing the installation is an exhibition of the documentation of the bureaucratic process referring to the procurement of the acorns, an analysis of the soil they come from and the request for the signing of the guarantee certificate made to Guipúzcoa Provincial Council. At this final stage the confrontation between two belief systems, science and faith, is presented. The Department of Development and the Rural Environment will demand as a requisite for the endorsement a mention of the lack of validity of the document in the commercialisation of the germinated seed, implicitly questioning the supposed filiation of the trees.


1. First report relating the visions with the landscape: Txibirisko: “What the reporter saw and heard: the apparitions of the Virgin at Ezkioga”. El Pueblo Vasco, 10 July 1931, p. 3.

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