In the case of Ezkio the phenomenon occurred initially at 8:30 pm, but owing to the suspicions aroused in a conservative society by such hours, the Virgin was kind enough to change her ‘apparitions’. In emulation of that event, there was a programmed apparition each day which, true to the testimony of the visionary Patxi Goicoechea, for whom the light that radiated from the Virgin corresponded to the colours of the Basque flag, adjusted its timetable after the day of the inauguration to 6 o’clock in the evening. Light, of variable shape and intensity, smoke and a smell of roses define the installation.

The piece is completed with a platform, which vibrates slightly during the apparition. It is a reproduction to scale of the platform the seers stood on. A few chosen for the conviction of their raptures, who had visual access to the site of the apparition, whilst the public, placed opposite them, had their backs turned to it. In Agerraldia that fact alludes to the architectures of reception, linking mariophany to mass phenomena in the world of show business such as the cinema, the theatre or music.

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